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prof. dr. T. (Tim) Leiner Full Professor

  • Researchgr. Cardiovasculaire Radiologie

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Research Output (211)

The Association Between Marital Status, Coronary Computed Tomography Imaging Biomarkers, and Mortality in a Lung Cancer Screening Population

Celeng Csilla, Takx Richard A P, Lessmann Nikolas, Maurovich-Horvat Pál, Leiner Tim, Išgum Ivana, de Jong Pim A mei 2020, In: Journal of thoracic imaging. 35 , p. 204-209 6 p.

Randomised comparison of a balloon-expandable and self-expandable valve with quantitative assessment of aortic regurgitation using magnetic resonance imaging

Kooistra N H M, Abawi M, Voskuil M, Urgel K, Samim M, Nijhoff F, Nathoe H M, Doevendans P A F M, Chamuleau S A J, Leenders G E H, Leiner T, Abrahams A C, van der Worp H B, Agostoni P, Stella P R 3 apr 2020, In: Netherlands Heart Journal. 28 , p. 253-265 13 p.

Eliminating biasing signals in lung cancer images for prognosis predictions with deep learning

van Amsterdam W. A. C., Verhoeff J. J. C., de Jong P. A., Leiner T., Eijkemans M. J. C. 10 dec 2019, In: NPJ DIGITAL MEDICINE. 2 , p. 122

Comparison of multi-delay FAIR and pCASL labeling approaches for renal perfusion quantification at 3T MRI

Harteveld Anita A, de Boer Anneloes, Franklin Suzanne Lisa, Leiner Tim, van Stralen Marijn, Bos Clemens 6 dec 2019, In: Magma: Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology, and Medicine. 33 , p. 81-94 14 p.

Consensus-based technical recommendations for clinical translation of renal T1 and T2 mapping MRI

Dekkers Ilona A, de Boer Anneloes, Sharma Kaniska, Cox Eleanor F, Lamb Hildo J, Buckley David L, Bane Octavia, Morris David M, Prasad Pottumarthi V, Semple Scott I K, Gillis Keith A, Hockings Paul, Buchanan Charlotte, Wolf Marcos, Laustsen Christoffer, Leiner Tim, Haddock Bryan, Hoogduin Johannes M, Pullens Pim, Sourbron Steven, Francis Susan 22 nov 2019, In: Magma: Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology, and Medicine. 33 , p. 163-176 14 p.

Deep learning analysis of coronary arteries in cardiac CT angiography for detection of patients requiring invasive coronary angiography

Zreik Majd, van Hamersvelt Robbert W, Khalili Nadieh, Wolterink Jelmer M, Voskuil Michiel, Viergever Max A, Leiner Tim, Isgum Ivana 12 nov 2019, In: IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. 39 , p. 1545-1557 13 p.

Detecting coronary plaque vulnerability using computed tomography radiomics:The one stop shop for plaque vulnerability?

Leiner Tim 1 nov 2019, In: European Heart Journal Cardiovascular Imaging. 20 , p. 1248-1249 2 p.

Predicting the Need for Revascularization in Stable Coronary Artery Disease Protons or Photons? COMMENT:Protons or Photons?

Leiner Tim, Takx Richard A P 11 okt 2019, In: JACC. Cardiovascular imaging. 13 , p. 1005-1007 3 p.

Machine learning in cardiovascular magnetic resonance:basic concepts and applications

Leiner Tim, Rueckert Daniel, Suinesiaputra Avan, Baeßler Bettina, Nezafat Reza, Išgum Ivana, Young Alistair A 7 okt 2019, In: Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. 21

Design of CTP-PRO study (impact of stress Cardiac computed Tomography myocardial Perfusion on downstream resources and PROgnosis in patients with suspected or known coronary artery disease:A multicenter international study)

Pontone Gianluca, De Cecco Carlo, Baggiano Andrea, Guaricci Andrea I., Guglielmo Marco, Leiner Tim, Lima Joao, Maurovich-Horvat Pál, Muscogiuri Giuseppe, Nance John W., Schoepf U. Joseph 1 okt 2019, In: International Journal of Cardiology. 292 , p. 253-257 5 p.

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