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prof. dr. M.L. (Michiel L.) Bots Full Professor

  • Department of Epidemiology
  • Julius Center Research Program Cardiovascular Epidemiology

M.L. Bots


Research Programs



  • In 1986, Michiel Bots received his medical degree at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After working as a resident in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, at the Hospital Zonnegloren in Soest and as a resident in Surgery at the Juliana Hospital in Apeldoorn, he started in 1988 his training in cardiovascular epidemiology started at the Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics of the Erasmus University Medical School in Rotterdam.
  • In 1993, he obtained his PhD degree on the thesis entitled 'Carotid wall thickness as indicator of generalised atherosclerosis'.
  • In 1996 he moved to the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care of the University Medical Center Utrecht in Utrecht.
  • Since 1997 he serves as Managing (up to 2001) and Scientific director of Vascular Imaging Center Utrecht, a vascular core laboratory on quantification of structural, dynamic and functional arterial characteristics.
  • In 2001 he was appointed associate professor in epidemiology
  • Since 2009 he is a professor in the Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease at the University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  • Since 2013 he is chariman of the steering committe of the Utrecht Cardiovascular Cohort: a multidisciplinary effort with physicians, patients and researchers of the UMC Utrecht, the UCC sets a benchmark for a learning cardiovascular healthcare system. UCC offers an invaluable resource for future high quality care as well as for first-class research for investigators.

 His research activities comprise observational studies and clinical trials

  • around the development of atherosclerosis, its physiological and environmental risk factors and its consequences. Non-invasive assessment of atherosclerotic abnormalities through imaging in both high risk and low risk populations by measurement of carotid intima-media thickness, carotid plaque, arterial stiffness, coronary calcifications, coronary stenosis and their progression over time are major topics in his studies.
  • around uncontrolled hypertension elevated blood pressure and treatment thereof
  • around kidney disease and its determinants and therapies, with a main focus on dialysis patients and treatment modalities
  • around facts and figure of cardiovascular disease in the Netherlands, with an emphasis on national data obtainable through linkage of registries.
  • around the creation of an infrastructure for uniform registration of cardiovascular information in routine clinical practice for patients referred for cardiovascular care at the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands

 His scientific output involves over 500 international peer reviewed publications.

 His teaching activities involve

  • Regular curricular lectures on cardiovascular and general clinical  epidemiology for biomedical and pharmaceutical bachelor and master students.
  • Coordinator of the annual MSc course 'Cardiovascular Epidemiology' (www.msc-epidemiology.nl)
  • Coordinator of the annual Blended MSc course ‘Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease’ (https://elearning.elevatehealth.eu/)
  • Regularly a MSc course  'Clinical Epidemiology' outside the Netherlands (China, Germany, Malaysia) 


Side Activities

  • Member Scientific Committee on Senior POSTDOCs grants of the Netherlands Heart Foundation.

    Advisory board for the working party on ‘Cardiovascular disease: figures and facts’ of the Dutch Heart Foundation,

    Editor of European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

    Editorial board of Journal of Hypertension.

    Member Medical Ethics Committee of the UMC Utrecht.

    Incidental member on advisory boards of profit organizations on studies into imaging of atherosclerosis progression

Fellowship and Awards

  • Over the years Michiel Bots was involved in national and international collaborations that were successful in obtaining grants proposal from profit (pharmaceutical industry) and non profit organisations (ZonMw, Netherlands Heart Foundation, European Union, Dutch Kidney Foundation, CVON-HF).


Research Output (510)

Mortality after hospital admission for heart failure:improvement over time, equally strong in women as in men

Buddeke J, Valstar G B, van Dis I, Visseren F L J, Rutten F H, den Ruijter H M, Vaartjes I, Bots M L, 10 jan 2020, In: BMC Public Health. 20 10 p.

Intracranial Atherosclerotic Burden on 7T MRI Is Associated with Markers of Extracranial Atherosclerosis:The SMART-MR Study

Zwartbol M. H. T., Geerlings M. I., Ghaznawi R., Hendrikse J., van der Kolk A. G., Asselbergs F. W., Nathoe H. M., de Borst G. J., Bots M. L., Emmelot M. H., de Jong P. A., Leiner T., Lely A. T., van der Kaaij N. P., Kappelle L. J., Ruigrok Y. M., Verhaar M. C., Visseren F. L. J., Westerink J., 5 dec 2019, In: American Journal of Neuroradiology. 40 , p. 2016-2022 7 p.

Adverse differences in cardiometabolic risk factor levels between individuals with pre-diabetes and normal glucose metabolism are more pronounced in women than in men:The Maastricht Study

De Ritter Rianneke, Sep Simone J.S., Van Der Kallen Carla J.H., Schram Miranda T., Koster Annemarie, Kroon Abraham A., Van Greevenbroek Marleen M.J., Eussen Simone J.P.M., Dagnelie Pieter C., De Jong Marit, Vos Rimke C., Woodward Mark, Bots Michiel L., Peters Sanne A.E., Stehouwer Coen D.A. 15 nov 2019, In: BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care. 7

Corrigendum:Normal Values of Corrected Heart-Rate Variability in 10-Second Electrocardiograms for All Ages

van den Berg Marten E., Rijnbeek Peter R., Niemeijer Maartje N., Hofman Albert, van Herpen Gerard, Bots Michiel L., Hillege Hans, Swenne Cees A., Eijgelsheim Mark, Stricker Bruno H., Kors Jan A. 1 nov 2019, In: Frontiers in Physiology. 10

Hart- en vaatziekten in Nederland 2019:25 jaar cijfers over incidentie, prevalentie, ziekte en sterfte.

Bots Michael L, de Boer Annemarijn, Vaartjes Ilonca nov 2019, 25 148 p.

Kerncijfers over hart- en vaatziekten.

de Boer Annemarijn, van Dis I., Vaartjes Ilonca, Bots Michael L nov 2019, p. 51-78 28 p.

Trends in systolische bloeddruk in de Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (LASA) tussen 1995 en 2016.

Bots Michael L, de Boer Annemarijn, Vaartjes Ilonca nov 2019, p. 107-121 15 p.

Normal Values of QT Variability in 10-s Electrocardiograms for all Ages

van den Berg Marten E., Kors Jan A., van Herpen Gerard, Bots Michiel L., Hillege Hans, Swenne Cees A., Stricker Bruno H., Rijnbeek Peter R. 4 okt 2019, In: Frontiers in Physiology. 10 7 p.

Geriatric Assessment and the Relation with Mortality and Hospitalizations in Older Patients Starting Dialysis

van Loon Ismay N, Goto Namiko A, Boereboom Franciscus T J, Bots Michiel L, Hoogeveen Ellen K, Gamadia Laila, van Bommel E F H, van de Ven P J G, Douma Caroline E, Vincent H H, Schrama Yvonne C, Lips Joy, Siezenga Machiel A, Abrahams Alferso C, Verhaar Marianne C, Hamaker Marije E 13 aug 2019, In: Nephron. 143 , p. 108-119 12 p.

Screening of cardiovascular agents in plasma with LC-MS/MS:A valuable tool for objective drug adherence assessment

Punt A. M., Stienstra N. A., van Kleef M. E.A., Lafeber M., Spiering W., Blankestijn P. J., Bots M. L., van Maarseveen E. M. 15 jul 2019, In: Journal of Chromatography B: Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences. 1121 , p. 103-110 8 p.

All Research Output (510)
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